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The price of a Pdplayer license in Chaos Software's online store is 249 EUR. We offer volume discounts as follows:

1-4 licenses 249 EUR
5-9 licenses 200 EUR
10-19 licenses 175 EUR
20 licenses and above 150 EUR

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Pdplayer licenses can be used in two modes: node locked and network (or floating). Before deciding which machine(s) to license, please read the following information carefully and consult section II of the manual.

» Once issued, a license cannot be revoked. It is not possible to transfer a license from one machine to another.

Node Locked Mode

In node locked mode, Pdplayer is tied to a specific workstation.

To license a workstation, run Pdplayer on it. A "License not Found" dialog box will pop up. Use the Request License button or manually e-mail the node identifier to You will receive a response with the license code within a few days. Enter this license code into the appropriate field of the dialog box and press Validate.

Network (Floating) Mode

In network mode, you run the Pdplayer license server on a licensed machine. Other workstations on the network can now run Pdplayer by "borrowing" a license from the license server.

To enable network mode, you first need to license the machine on which you'll run the license server. It's best to choose a machine whose software and hardware configuration doesn't change. Follow the same instructions as above to send us a license request, or, if you prefer, launch the Pdplayer license server and follow the instructions in the manual. The node identifier reported by Pdplayer and the license server is the same.

Once you've licensed the machine and have launched the license server, you can now run Pdplayer on workstations on the local network and point them to the license server. To do that, enter the license server IP address into the appropriate field of the "License not Found" dialog box and click Network License.

Mixed Mode

Node locked licenses are interchangeable with single network licenses. You can switch from node locked mode to network mode, using your licensed workstation as a license server, and allowing another machine on the network to "borrow" the license.

To do that, run the Pdplayer license server on your licensed workstation, run Pdplayer on another machine, enter the IP address of the licensed workstation in the dialog box, and click Network License.

Hardware (Dongle) Licensing

Starting with Pdplayer, licenses can be programmed into Chaos Software dongles. If you already have a V-Ray dongle, your Pdplayer license can be added to it. Dongles are also available separately from Chaos Software for $35 or 25 EUR + S/H.

Note that hardware licensing is supported by a separate Pdplayer build. Contact Chaos Software support at if you aren't seeing it in the download area.

Hardware licensing always operates in floating (network) mode, so you need to be running a license server. You can use the Pdplayer license server included with the hardware build, or you can use a recent V-Ray license server (SP3a or later). The two servers are identical.

To add a Pdplayer license to your Chaos Software dongle, perform the following steps:

  1. Start a license server, if one is not already running;
  2. Open http://server:30304 in your Web browser, where server is the name or IP address of the machine running the license server (use localhost if it's the same machine);
  3. Click on "Get status of the server";
  4. The page that loads will show information about the currently installed licenses on your dongle and how many of them are in use. Click on the "To upgrade your licenses, click here" link at the very bottom;
  5. On the next page, click on the link that says "Generate a .wbc file by clicking here" and wait until a remote context file is created;
  6. When the "Success" page opens, save the remote context file (context.wbc) by right-clicking on the link and using Save Link As.. / Save Target As...;
  7. E-mail the context file to
You will then receive an update file and instructions how to use it to reprogram the dongle.