What's New in Pdplayer
The fifth free upgrade since the product's release adds 3D LUTs, live video layers, color key

» 3D Lookup Tables

Pdplayer now supports 3D lookup tables (LUTs) in Autodesk .3dl, Iridas .cube and Nucoda .cms formats. A lookup table can be applied to a layer by bringing up the property panel (with the '\' key), switching to the Color tab and then right-clicking on the "Lookup Table" chooser. If the LUT you wish to apply is not yet in the list, choose Import... from the menu.

» Live Video Layer

The live video layer shows a realtime video feed from a DirectShow capture device. Its primary purpose is on-set grading. A workstation, equipped with Pdplayer, can be used in the field for monitoring the quality of the footage, applying realtime color corrections, composing the live feed over or under CG images or even sequences, and later exporting the color settings for further processing to After Effects, Nuke, or as a 3D lookup table.

» Realtime Color Keying

When Pdplayer is used in the field, one often needs the ability to apply a color key to the live feed, if the shot is done against a blue or a green box. The new release adds this capability as well. Pdplayer now supports two separate color keys that can be enabled in the Effects tab of the property panel.

» Better Integration with Lightwave

We have included a useful Lightwave script, RenderToPdplayer.ls, in the extras/lightwave subdirectory of the installation directory. The script can be bound to a button or a shortcut and enables one to start a render of the current scene with Pdplayer launched and watching the output directory. As soon as a frame is rendered, it is added to the sequence. This allows one to monitor the render output for errors, to apply color corrections to the result in real time, and to view the result in context, composed with other sequences or stills.

» Support for Softimage PIC files

Pdplayer now supports Softimage PIC files.